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Prdoduction Line For Steel Ball Slide Rail Assemble And Packing

Prdoduction Line For Steel Ball Slide Rail Assemble And Packing

Product Details

ODM  and OEM Prdoduction Line For Steel Ball Slide Rail Assemble And Packing is the most advanced automatic assemble and packing machine for assembling  steel ball slide in present market.

32-46mm steel ball slide automatic assemble Technical Data:

1.Equipment Dimension: 2.7*2.843*1.7m

   Transport platform Dimension: 1.7*0.74*0.45m

2.Bending plastic block assemble machine:0.9*1.2*1.373m

  Transport platform Dimension:1.73*0.74*0.825m

3.Electrical Specification:

  Automatic assemble machine single phase 220V AC,Power>2.5W

  Bending plastic block assemble machine 220V AC,power>1KW

4.Operation pressure:3.4kg/cm~6kg/cm

5.Pneumatic components brand: AirTAC

6.Electronic components:

  Mitsubishi PLC

  Taiwan Shilin motor

  OMRON,Taiwan DCF sensor

  Japan SANKYO servo motor 

7.Produce Speed2.5~3.5Sec/PCS, which depend on the length of slide



1.Primary and secondary parts do not have burrs and deformation is not big,which will cause the equipment  doesn't work smoothly 

2.Our automatic assemble machine don't contain  plastic beads manipulator automatic fetching materials  (Manual feeding materials)

3.Our automatic assemble machine don't contain the automatic assemble machine for automatic plastic bird of inner slide rail 

We also OEM and ODM Automatic Assemble Machine for 32-46mm steel ball slide according to customer's requirements


Equipment configuration and technical data:

1.Continuous feeding the whole roll of plastic tape

2.Setting Memory for 10 groups length ,driven by servo motor

3.Manual options for Slide rail parallel or superposition type into the bag

4.Manual options sealing type for single or double sealing

5.This equipment could be used single or united with other machine

6.Production Specification:Length 250~550mm;Width:32-46mm

7.HMI setting the length switch

8.When the steel ball slide width is changed ,you should change the relevant part and plastic band suction cup

9.Packing speed:5 Sec/group; Actual Operation Ratio :95%Not contain operator and materials factor);UPH:685 pair

10.Pneumatic components brand:Festo;SMC or the similar product

11.AC motorTung Lee or the similar product

12.SensorOMRON the similar product


14.HMI:WEINVIEW more than 7" colorful screen

15.Power220V /phase

16.Air compressor:Original factory setting



32-46mm width slide rail +115mm  (+95mm)

The thickness of plastic band:0.02-0.03mm,plastic band roll the materials

The slide rail should be neat and the Max diameter of rolling materials is 500mm

Avoid plastic bags adhesive which will be easily cause tensile failure)


We also OEM and ODM Automatic Packing Machine for 45mm steel ball slide according to customer's requirements.

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