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Slide Automatic Punch Machine To Achieve Better Use And Maintenance Effect

Slide Automatic Punch Machine price working principle is: by the CCD camera to capture the working bull's-eye, imaging system after the analysis and processing, and by the central processor control X, Y axis and die displacement signal transmission at the same time punching, the operator only need to The workpiece can be placed on any point within the CCD visible range.

Punching machine is the further development of the punch, which solves the problem of the need for an independent feeding system, so the volume is small.

Punching machine is divided into ordinary punching machine, Slide Automatic Punch Machine (also known as automatic positioning punching machine, Slide Automatic Punch Machine), Slide Automatic Punch Machine, super Slide Automatic Punch Machine.

Ordinary punching machine without automatic positioning system, the equivalent of a small punch to solve the feeding problem.

Slide Automatic Punch Machine in the ordinary punching machine on the basis of an increase of automatic positioning system, greatly improving the punching accuracy and speed, can be understood as an automatic control of high precision small punch.

In fact, the so-called Slide Automatic Punch Machine, the most prominent is the automated production, compared to artificial production, Slide Automatic Punch Machine punch effect Ye Hao, punch the speed of worth mentioning, manual operation is no way beyond.

Any machine used for a long time will be bad. However, the length of life of the machine, in addition to the original hardware conditions with the machine, but also with the use of the maintenance process. In fact, we need to maintain this Slide Automatic Punch Machine. The The

First, to ensure long-term mechanical punch wet. Wet punch can effectively reduce the punching resistance, reduce the degree of punch wear, extend the service life.

Second, make sure the compressed air is dry. When used to ensure that the compressed air must be dry, and the solenoid valve can not be water, or easy to rust damage.

Third, do not hit the fuselage with a hard object. Hard objects percussion easy to Zhangjiagang Slide Automatic Punch Machine caused damage, affecting the normal operation of equipment.

Fourth, make a routine check before use. Insist on checking whether there is a foreign matter between the punch and the lower mold before use, to avoid accidents.

Fifth, a reasonable choice of lubricant. The use of high-quality and without color and moisture of the Slide Automatic Punch Machine lubricant to achieve better use and maintenance effect.

Pipe punching machine is used for punching a tubular material punching equipment, Slide Automatic Punch Machine manufacturers, it changed the traditional drill, perforator and other drilling process, whether in mechanical structure or control system and function On a great breakthrough, for the material processing has brought great convenience. The use of the equipment drilling fine i really fast, excellent results, easy operation and long life, Slide Automatic Punch Machine, pipe punching processing is the only choice.

Stamping processing is a metal cold deformation processing method.

Stamping processing: processing is by means of conventional or special stamping equipment, power, so that the sheet in the mold directly by the deformation force and deformation, to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of the product parts of the production technology. Sheet metal, Slide Automatic Punch Machine prices, molds and equipment is the three elements of stamping. According to customer requirements tailor-made automation, semi-automatic equipment. Therefore, it is called cold stamping or sheet metal stamping, referred to as stamping.

It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing (or pressure processing), but also under the material forming engineering technology.