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High Viscosity Fluid Pump Suction Machine Is Good, Work Solid

High Viscosity Fluid Pump output displacement and flow, flow pulsation is small. So that the new product has a high added value and competitive advantage, in order to deal with the traditional lack of two gear gear pump supply a new way to replace the existing gear pump, screw pump, etc., in the petrochemical, light industry, food And other industries high viscosity liquid delivery areas of the development and application prospects. China's current development in this area is still very little, much room for development.

The High Viscosity Fluid Pump is a common gear pump for structural and operational reasons, which is significantly superior to existing gear pumps in terms of smooth running and service life. The new gear pump according to the "unit displacement of the pump when the smallest" as the purpose of optimization, improve the pump cost.

In the petrochemical industry, the transportation of high-viscosity liquids (such as synthetic rubber, resin, fiber polymerization solution, etc.) is one of the major consumption processes, and the machinery used to complete the liquid delivery is a pump of various types. Because the viscosity of the stock solution is high, the suction resistance of the pump is larger. In order to ensure the self-priming ability of the pump, the positive displacement pump is used to keep the high viscosity liquid. Gear pump is the most simple one of the positive displacement pump, because of its simple structure, light weight, low cost, limited viscosity changes, the liquid is not sensitive to dirt, High Viscosity Fluid Pump pumping machine is good, work Reliable, so often used in the situation is more harsh, the accuracy of the request is not high places to send high viscosity liquid. With the new technology, new information, new technology from time to time, Cangzhou Shiqi High Temperature Pump Co., Ltd. through research and improvement, and now can also use High Viscosity Fluid Pump to save. In addition, the High Viscosity Fluid Pump can also be used as a high viscosity liquid pressurization, inclusions, metering and spinning. High Viscosity Fluid Pump to keep the liquid is often solid at room temperature, in the insulation conditions for the liquid. Therefore, the High Viscosity Fluid Pump in the delivery of these liquids, not only need to deal with the problems caused by high viscosity, and often with high temperature, erosion and other extraordinary problems analysis, to study the type of High Viscosity Fluid Pump and preventive measures, as the time to reduce the problem, The quality of the work of the pump, delay the useful life of the wrist, is increasingly being people's attention. High Viscosity Fluid Pump types of defects in the diagnosis of High Viscosity Fluid Pump work, it was found that most of the gear pump is not a sudden attack, before the city along with some signs, such as vibration, noise, leakage, fever, etc., to A certain level to lead to problems. If these signs can be found in real time, and to be controlled or swept, High Viscosity Fluid Pump showed the chance to reduce the problem. Therefore, to understand the typical type of High Viscosity Fluid Pump, help to analyze its connotation of contact, so as to further confirm the type of defects and the cause of the attack, the location.

1, no export pressure or lack of pressure

It is worth noting that the pump can not produce pressure, it is only the output flow. Low pressure or no pressure, indicating that High Viscosity Fluid Pump is not inhaled liquid or leakage is serious.

Countermeasures: the idea of output power is too small, the gear pump displacement is too large or too high pressure adjustment, it will form a lack of pressure. Of course, the pressure gauge damage or pressure gauge 撙 hole when the infarction is also no pressure, then you can dress up a new pressure gauge check.

2, no flow or liquid out of the lack

If it is confirmed that the pump has no flow output, it may be due to the pump device is wrong, the pump steering error, or suction side (inlet and suction pipe) infarction, the outlet check valve installed or stuck, it may be driven The shaft is broken. High Viscosity Fluid Pumps in the speed is too low will cause the lack of liquid, this phenomenon is often due to pump drive installation slip or lack of power due. At this point should check the actual speed of the gear pump, pump and the idea of the connection and power matching status

3, abnormal vibration and noise

Because of the high viscosity of the High Viscosity Fluid Pump working medium, it is prone to draw the air and cause greater noise.