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Bending Plastic Block Of Slide Automatic Assemble Machine With A Low Price, Easy Maintenance

1, Bending Plastic Block Of Slide Automatic Assemble Machine in the production work, it is necessary to start in accordance with the order, or is not running up.

2, if one of the parts in the operation of what happened, then the back will stop.

3, Bending Plastic Block Of Slide Automatic Assemble Machine set up above the emergency stop button and the key switch of any one of the two off, then it will stop across the board.

4, the mechanical equipment to set the maximum frequency, the frequency corresponding to the Bending Plastic Block Of Slide Automatic Assemble Machine rated speed can reach 3000 or so, if you want to change the speed, then you can rotate the knob on the inverter, the above shows the frequency value is reduced, Not the speed is decreasing.

5, in the operation of Bending Plastic Block Of Slide Automatic Assemble Machine left and right roller, you should let the knob at the lowest speed, and the switch to be in a power state, and then press the start button on the console, and then open the switch on the controller. At this point, the twist knob speed control in the power outage, you should first turn the knob to the lowest position, and then turn off the switch on the controller, and then press the stop button on the console can be.

6, Bending Plastic Block Of Slide Automatic Assemble Machine in the clean-up work carried out, the operator should always observe the six shot ammeter ammeter, if more than 25 should adjust the amount of sand, the best control in the following 22 if the work process, the inverter should stop , Please refer to the description of the number of instructions.

First, Bending Plastic Block Of Slide Automatic Assemble Machine with random, according to user requirements with random.

Second, the positioning of the workpiece in the workplace: According to the actual situation of the demand side products, axial and circumferential direction are connected to a hole (or pipe joints) as a benchmark.

Third, the workpiece on the material (on the line) using manual mode, the attachment of the material for the artificial material, automatic feeding.

Fourth, the welding for the automatic welding, welding guns do more freedom of movement, the workpiece can be used for rotary motion, in order to achieve the desired location of the weld.

Fifth, the use of PLC (programmable logic controller) to control the entire automatic production process, the touch screen as a man-machine interface, cylinder and motor with the implementation of automatic action.

Bending Plastic Block Of Slide Automatic Assemble Machine automation complete sets of control systems, specializing in the design, assembly machine development and production of automatic automation equipment, industrial robots, automated production line of enterprises, and provide the appropriate technical advice and after-sales service. Product quality and stability, compared with imported equipment with low prices, easy maintenance, technology in the leading domestic and international advanced level characteristics. Automated assembly line robot configuration algorithm to solve the problem of configuration of an assembly line robot with an unknown cycle with a fixed number of workstations. The establishment of division of labor rules, and used in the assembly line, so that the robot can achieve maximum utility and reduce product production cycle. Provides a computer-aided flexible assembly line robot configuration system.

According to the contents of the operation and the production of the beat, the automatic assembly line adopts the tree structure, the series structure and the parallel structure of the combination of the production process; for more than the main assembly line with the original asynchronous conveyor, direct positioning of the program; The station needs to be expanded and staged to implement the characteristics of the use of the upper control and unit control secondary computer distributed control method, coupled with the unit control operation panel, detection of fault warning system, so that the entire control system more perfect. The entire assembly line of machinery, control, pneumatic and other systems are used modular building structure, embodies the modular, serial design ideas. Automated production assembly line by the distribution, assembly, testing, aging, packaging and other process system equipment, the system equipment from the differential line, chain plate line, plot-type roller line, speed belt, air conveyor line, all kinds Intelligent plane and other flexible operating equipment and equipped with distributed programmer (PLC) combination; to achieve efficient production automation.