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Automatic Assembly Machine Follow The Robots To Prepare For The Crawl

The custom definition of Automatic Assembly Machine

In layman's terms, assembly refers to the number of parts of the product through tight match, buckle, thread connection, bonding, riveting, welding, etc. together to meet the size of the accuracy and function of finished products (semi-finished products). By the manual processing (contact, finishing, crawling, moving, placing, force, etc.) to achieve the assembly of each component, strictly speaking, can only be called artificial assembly. Assembly that does not need to be done by manual processing (contact, sorting, gripping, moving, placing, etc.) can be called automatic assembly. Between the two for semi-automatic assembly.

The composition of the automatic assembly machine (discussed in terms of the assembly component flow timing)

1. Parts orientation arrangement, transportation, escapement system

Will be chaotic parts of the machine automatically to facilitate the automatic positioning of the spatial orientation of the arrangement, and then successfully transported to the follow-up escapement for the follow-up robot to grasp the preparation.

2. Crawl - Shift - Placement

(Or parts) by the escapement, or by vacuum, and then move to another position (usually the assembly working position).

3. Assemble the working body

Refers to the assembly of the main work to complete the body, such as the workpiece into the press, clamping, screw, card, bonding, welding, riveting, bonding, welding on the last part.

4. Detection organization

It is used to detect the result of one step of the assembly or the machine, such as missing part detection, size detection, defect detection, function detection and cleaning test.

5. Removal of the workpiece

Used to sort out the qualified parts and unqualified parts from the machine.

Automatic assembly machine is the most commonly used transmission structure

1) According to the flow time coherence of the assembled workpiece in the machine, there are gap motion type assembling machine and continuous motion type assembling machine.

2) According to the number of working parts in the assembly machine, there are single-station assembly machine and multi-station assembly machine.

3) According to the transmission path of the workpiece in the assembly machine, there are round table assembly machine and ring table assembly machine.

Automatic assembly machine control system

Usually using PLC control, PLC to receive a variety of signal input, issued to the implementing agencies instructions. The machine is equipped with a variety of sensors and other signal collectors to monitor the operation of each actuator in the machine, after the decision to issue the next step in the implementation of instructions. The man-machine interface is used to display the operation of the machine, the operating record, and the instructions used by the operator to the machine.